Event Cancellation

Credit/Refund Policy

U90C offers the following event cancellation credit / refund policy:
Partial Credit / Refund
No Games Started - U90C will offer accepted and paid teams a partial credit or refund (standard 50%) of the registration fee post event if NO TOURNAMENT GAMES START for the event.  A minimum of 50% of registration fees paid is allocated to unrecoverable costs associated with up front event planning.  Money retained in this scenario pays for the months of staff hours, deposits, and actual costs incurred leading up to a tournament event.  As such this amount is non-refundable in the event of inclement weather tournament cancellation.  Typically this happens when rain and/or snow moves in on Thursday or Friday immediately before the tournament begins. Credits can be used for U90C Tournament events only. 
No Credit / Refund
Games Started - U90C will not offer credit / refunds once the first game of the tournament begins.