U90C ProServices

U90C is committed to hosting the most professional youth soccer tournaments in America.  A key component of our success is our unique add-on services called the U90C ProServices.


The suite of U90C ProServices continues to elevate our events from other bland youth tournaments in America and makes our team's overall experience superior.  Our goal is to give our participating teams a First Class experience beginning with the tournament registration process and continuing through the atmosphere on the pitch.  Here is a list of U90C's signature unique services known as the  U90C ProServices

VIP Pass

BE A VIP   U90C's VIP Pass is a special incentive offered to a limited number of teams at certain U90C managed events.  Teams will have the opportunity to earn a VIP Pass by registering and paying early for an event, referring other teams, and other ways pre-determined by the U90C office staff.  Ways to earn a VIP Pass will be prominently displayed on the tournament web page and registration page of each event.  The benefits of a VIP Pass will include reserved parking at game fields, game conflict priority for coaches, and miscellaneous other incentives to help show our appreciation to these teams.

Easy Check-in


The typical tournament Check-in of the 80's and 90's is ridiculously redundant and painful for most teams.  It is easily one of the most frustrating processes of playing in a tournament.  To address this, U90C introduced Easy Check-in in 2012.  Versus driving paperwork to a hotel meeting room for tournament staff to visually review, the U90C Easy Check-in allows teams to upload their team paperwork electronically.  U90C staff reviews the paperwork and conducts an official tournament check-in remotely.

INC List /Ink  List/

SEE WHO'S INTERESTED BEFORE YOU REGISTER   There is nothing worse than paying an entry fee into a tournament and then finding out the teams you are playing are not the competition you need for your team.  This makes the tournament experience for you, your players, and your parents less than pleasant.  As part of U90C’s commitment to raise the standard of tournaments in N. TX, we have introduced a new service called our INC List(TM), pronounced like Ink List.  This service allows teams to show their interest in a tournament BEFORE they register.  The purpose of the INC List(TM) is to give teams an inside look at other teams  interested in a tournament prior to committing financially.  

Concierge Service

BOTTLED WATER & GOLF CARTS U90C introduced its Concierge Service in the Academy League Challenge Cup in June 2012 and it was an immediate success.  This service is designed to show coaches, team managers, players, and parents how much we appreciate them.  Golf Cart transportation to/from the parking lot and game fields, ice water on the sidelines for players and coaches during games, etc… are just some of the examples of the U90C Concierge Service made available at select U90C events.