U90C Play Guarantee

U Pay, U Play, or Your Money Back



U90C is pleased to offer its latest ProServices called U90C Play Guarantee.  The Play Guarantee is a 100% money back promise to teams in the event a U90C tournament is cancelled due to poor weather or field closure.  Each Play Guarantee will be supported by a U90C sponsor and the first program of its kind offered in North Texas.  Not all U90C events will offer the Play Guarantee.  The appropriate event webpage/website will indicate if the Play Guarantee is being offered.


Our goal with this program is to reward our loyal customers and minimize their out of pocket costs for tournament play.  Losing all or a portion of the registration fee of a cancelled tournament is something teams shouldn't have to accept as the "standard".  U90C has changed this as part of our Tournament Standard commitment to our customers.


All teams participating in a U90C tournament, where the Play Guarantee is offered, are eligible for the U90C Play Guarantee.  If a U90C tournament cancels due to bad weather, qualifying teams are issued a full, 100% refund of their paid registration fee.


Eligibility Requirements:


  •    Tournament registration must be completed by the registration deadline.

  •    Registration fee must be paid by the registration deadline. Credit cards must have processed without error and checks must have arrived at the U90C office 72 hours prior to registration close to allow time to clear the bank.

  •    Event cancelation must be due to weather or field closure.



Refunds will be processed in approximately 45-60 days.  Until refunds are processed each team will show a credit on their account with U90C.




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