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To address market concerns with regard to league play and the current COVD-19 pandemic we are all faced with, U90C is proud to announce our U90C Play Guarantee™ for all teams who participate in the new US Club Soccer Red River NPL & Regional Premier League (RPL) competition platform.  With the U90C Play Guarantee™, our goal is to support your team and provide equitable solutions in the event league play is altered due to a mandatory shutdown.  We understand the "new normal" is causing many changes in our lives and we want to provide as much assurance as possible in your team's ability to participate in our leagues.



U90C Play Guarantee™ offers the following:


  • Extended League Play Dates:  U90C, in working with our facility partners, has secured access to facilities outside of the normal league play dates, in the effort to have the flexibility to provide our participating teams an extended season, if needed, to execute league play games.

  • Credits to ALL U90C Events:  Teams may also have the option (if league play is suspended for a prolonged period of time) to receive credits inside of the U90C portfolio (U90C Play Network) to include Spring league play plus any of our 14 tournament events.  Included in the U90C Play Network is the new US Club Soccer Texas State Cup.  Teams participating in the Red River NPL or the Regional Premier League can utilize credits from league play for the US Club Soccer Texas State Cup  in April of 2021!